ANR Programme blanc: 2012-2017 (ANR-12-BS05-0016)

ANR TEAM: P.I. Lallement Rosine


  • GEPI /Paris Observatory: Arenou F., Babusiaux C., Gomez A., Katz D., Haywood M., Lallement R., Leclerc N., Sartoretti P.
  • ACRI/ST: Vergely JL., Ferron S.
  • AIM/ IRFU: Grenier I., Casandjian J.M.
  • PHD students: Remy Q
  • Post-doc: Monreal-Ibero A.
  • New members of the GEPI team: ElYajouri M., Capitanio L.

Objective: produce tridimensional maps of the local InterStellar Matter (ISM) based on measurements of starlight absorption by dust (reddening effects) or gaseous species (absorption lines or bands). See Lallement et al, A&A, 561, A91 (2014), Capitanio et al, A&A, 606, A65 (2017), Lallement et al, submitted (2018). The current map is based on the inversion of reddening estimates towards 71,000 target stars.

Caution: in opaque regions the reddening maybe be underestimated, read paper before using maps.

If you have a list of sources, there is a query script

About the map


Spherical coordinates of the map origin


Polar coordinates of the direction defining the normal to the plane of the image